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  • Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

    A strong cast and excellent animation sequences don’t quite make up for the hollow sentiment offered by Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. Though it tries – and in some parts succeeds – to be a cool comedy for kids and adults, an obvious plot and empty morality means that you’re never really rooting for the (not especially) wimpy protagonist.

  • Has Kick Ass 2 got the greenlight?

    Following great DVD sales in the US, it’s beginning to look more and more likely that a sequel to the glorious Kick Ass will soon get off the ground. Though the films makers have yet to comment, the comic’s writer Mark Millar told radio 5 that the film is officially on.

  • The X Men 4 writer is revealed

    …Well, sort of. Once again Twitter, that elusive ferret of a medium, has provided answers to the questions we’ve all asking. It looks like Jane Goldman – penner of the screenplay for Kick-Ass – is writing the next X-Men film. And how do we know? Husband Jonathan Ross can’t help but tweet about it.

  • Iron Man 2 takes box office

    Despite fairly average reviews, it looks like Iron Man 2 is worth its weight in gold. Iron gold. Yeah. In its opening weekend, the superhero sequel took $133.6m – the fifth highest take ever – during its opening weekend, easily trumping the first flick’s opeing takings of $98m.

  • Vaughn and Goldman on board for next X-Men

    Whew, they don’t mess around much do they? Mere weeks after the epic critical success of Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn has announced that he will officially be donning the director’s trousers for X-Men: First Class. And apparently taking the mantle of the X-Men series isn’t enough pressure, as the team are planning a next year release – next June, to be exact. Who needs time when you’ve got the legacy of Hit-Girl and Big Daddy to spur you onwards, eh?

  • Top movies this week

    According to the US box office Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon still has plenty of bite, as it’s nabbed the top spot with $20 million this weekend. Just below that – and to our disappointment – Kick-Ass’s opening weekend has been rather lack-luster, cashing in just $19.75 million, despite brilliant reviews across the board and the promise of a 11year old assassin. Seriously, what more can film-goers want?