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  • Best For Film’s Favourite Flicks #5 – The Thing

    Another week, another favourite film, another bloodthirsty alien rampaging through an Antarctic research site. Wait, what? Alex Mullane is armed with a flamethrower, a bit of wire and a bloody great beard, and he’s here to defend the both impeccable taste of the BFF crew and his favourite film – John Carpenter’s The Thing. Obviously, spoilers will abound.

  • Best For Film’s Favourite Flicks #1 – Death Proof

    Welcome to Best For Film’s newest and best feature! To give you a chance to get to know our bucking and whinnying stable of writers, we’ll be running irregular BFFFF (that’s Best For Film’s Favourite Flicks) blogs so individual scribblers can pop their heads up above the parapet of Best For Film Towers and lay their hearts bare. This week it’s newbie Christine Strouts and her choice – Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof.

  • Cheat Sheet: Alec Baldwin

    This Wednesday marks the release of Rock of Ages, a film in which raspy-voiced funny man Alec Baldwin shares what is being touted as a “sensual song and a kiss” with our very own Russell Brand. In honour of this erotic occasion, BFF is taking a look back at the life, loves and career of our favourite Baldwin brother (sorry Daniel, Billy and Stephen).

  • The Best Horror Films That Have Never and Will Never Exist

    The witching hour approaches and the fire is burning low, dear friends. So gather close and listen we list some of the greatest Halloween classics to… what? Made them up? Of course not! All of these are one hundred percent genuine films. If by genuine you mean that they came to us in a dream and we wrote them down and crudely edited some images. In that case they totally are.