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  • Friday Drinking Game #71 – Les Misérables

    Over 60 million people have watched the stage show of Les Mis, so with its release on the silver screen and 8 Oscar nominations, a lot of people are going to be wanting to celebrate. We’ve helped you out by compiling a drinking game fit to leave you feeling slaughtered at the barricades. Proceed with caution, and drink until you’re so pissed that when Jean Valjean says “Who am I?” you snort, throw up on yourself and hit him.

  • Cheat Sheet: Russell Crowe

    Russell Crowe is many things; part owner of the Australian rugby team South Sydney Rabbitohs, Oscar-winning actor, champion Phone Hurler, singer/songwriter, father, lover and an utter enigma. To celebrate his reemergence into acting after his 1 year hiatus (to work on his music) with The Man With The Iron Fists, Best For Film has compiled this lovely Cheat Sheet to explore his Beautiful Mind. Make sure you are never without a Russell Crowe fact ever again! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?

  • 2013 Films – our top 20 picks

    Assuming the Mayans don’t bring their A-game and take out the entire world by New Year’s Eve (not likely; one thing we know about Mayans is they’re hella lazy), it will soon be 2013. And you know what that means – LOADS of shiny new 2013 films! We’ve trawled the Internet to find the Hollywood big-hitters most likely to get us going in what future generations will probably remember as 4346 in the Korean calendar. Depending on, you know, factors.