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  • The Resident

    There are two things that epitomise a Hammer film: a distinctively poignant visual style and a plot whose direction is deciphered within the first twenty minutes. In these two respects, The Resident is bona fide Hammer at its idiosyncratic best.

  • Top 10 scariest children in horror history

    Children are frightening. It’s probably their tiny hands. Whilst horror movies seem to utilise the ‘scary child trope’ a little too frequently these days, it’s worth remembering the good times of horrible, horrible children that wanted you dead (or at least maimed in some way). This top ten list encompasses the best of the nasty tykes that remind us all why birth control is so important.

  • Let Me In

    We know, we know. You loved Let The Right One In, and you’re sick of Hollywood rehashing every good Swedish film ever made, so you’re not going to bother seeing Let Me In even though you liked Chloe Moretz in Kick-Ass. STOP RIGHT THERE. A faithful remake enlivened by sensitive direction and some truly extraordinary performances, this is a film which stands squarely on its own two blood-spattered feet.

  • No horror for Moretz

    All parents have a list of films they don’t want their children to see. Mother and Father would rather not put up with the aftermath; nightmares and potential bed-wetting. But get over it Ma and Pa, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Note to Chloe Moretz’s mum, if your precious child is hard enough to play a killer vampire, a bit of horror ain’t gonna hurt. So unchain the telly, if you please.