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  • Top 5 London film festivals this autumn

    London has been used frequently as a filming location, from historical recreations of Dickens’ London to Woody Allen’s existential dramas like Match Point and romantic comedies such as Bridget Jones’ Diary, we know the city and cinema maintain a long-term relationship. Apart from an endless list of film settings, London also offers cinema lovers a full calendar of international film events. Featured writer Marta López shares 5 upcoming – and unmissable – London film events.

  • TGIM! The London Korean Film Festival 2012

    London’s seventh annual Korean Film Festival is in full swing! Running until November 11th, it’s a rare showcase of popular Korean filmmaking, offering an insight into a culture as in love with pop music, fashion and Hollywood as our own. Bringing over the cream of a remarkably strong national cinema, the KFF continues to expose audiences to a fascinating dichotomy of the alien and familiar, as all the tried and true tropes of genre cinema are played out in a foreign language.

  • To Do In London 2011: Winter Film Events

    November rain getting you down? Does the prospect of another bleak, friendless Christmas make you reach for the whiskey and the revolver? Not to worry, there’s a whole plethora of festivals and events to take your mind of your hollow shell of a life!