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  • Top 10 probably underrated bits of Love Actually

    Don’t give me that. Don’t even try. You’ve seen Love Actually. You know what I mean when I say First Lobster. You know that what comes after David Beckham’s right foot is David Beckham’s left foot. You know that the best way to pick up chicks is to go to Wisconsin. It’s Christmas: here are ten bits I really love, actually about Love Actually, and watching Love Actually. (Or just have thoughts on. I have a lot of Thoughts on Love Actually. Full disclosure: this blog is written a bit smashed at 1am. Merry Christmas, constant readers. You’re tip top.)

  • Friday Drinking Game #70 – Christmas Films

    With Slade, Wizzard, and bloody Bob Geldof dominating the office playlist, and the rivers of mulled wine flowing at previously unprecedented levels, at Best For Film Christmas is definitely upon us. Every family has their own take on the Christmas traditions. Charades or the Queen’s Speech? Presents before or after lunch? Turkey and sprouts at lunchtime or at dinner? But one tradition that we know remains the same in all households is the Christmas film. In honour of this cinematic contribution to the festival of merriment, we have for your delectation: The Christmas Film Drinking Game. ‘Tis the season to be jolly well drunk.

  • Top 10 Greatest Movie Presidents

    With Barack Obama’s long road to keeping the White House finally over, let’s cast an eye back and explore the truly great presidents of history. Eight of them are fictional and one doesn’t have a name, but they remain icons of dignity, sleaziness, oratory and badassery. Everything we should expect from the man in charge.

  • Friday Drinking Game #60 – Liam Neeson

    Everyone’s favourite stealth Irishman is back, shooting even more disenfranchised Albanians in the statistically inevitable Taken 2. But why would you subject yourself to any of Liam Neeson’s new films (except The Grey) without a really massive drink? Well, now you don’t need to! CAUTION: do not attempt to ski after playing this drinking game.

  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

    A who’s who of pensionable British talent is shipped off to the colonies for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a charming comedy which makes full use of its intoxicating setting and first-rate cast. Ever wished Love Actually had more curry and jokes about hip replacements?

  • Top 10 Emotionally Devastating Christmas Moments

    Christmas. It’s a time of unbridled joy. Ecstasy, even. But lest we all forget ourselves, strip naked and begin cavorting around the tree, driven mad with pure bliss, BFF has taken the time to compile a list of the top ten film moments that will make you remember the truth: that life is actually a sad, lonely, painful dredge. And that Christmas sucks. Just ask James Van Der Beek. He’ll give it to you straight.

  • Friday Drinking Game #31 – Love Actually

    It’s Christmas – well, it’s December, and we don’t need much more excuse than that to get the Love Actually out. Laugh, cry, drink, try to forget about that thing with Hugh Grant and the prostitute – we’ll even leave him out of the questions to help you along. Here comes the Colin! AND HE’S GOT A BIG KNOB.