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  • Turbo

    Theo (Ryan Reynolds), a small garden snail from Venice, California spends his days working at The Plant and his evenings watching races on a television in a nearby garage. His racing ambitions aren’t appreciated by his older brother, Chet (Paul Giamatti), who refuses to address him by his self-appointed nickname, Turbo. Frustrated by his inherent…

  • The Last Stand

    His first starring role since making the relatively short trip back to Hollywood from the L.A. governor’s mansion, Arnold Schwarzenegger creaks back onto the big screen in a routine actioner that bets big on nostalgia for the one-liners and stiff acting he perfected so long ago. Does a dinosaur like Schwarzenegger have a place in an era dominated by wire-less martial arts madness and the kind of jumped-up hyper-kinetic combat pioneered by the Bourne franchise? The Last Stand is a lesson in the saving grace of star power, even if it doesn’t burn quite as bright as it used to.