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  • Top 10 Best Superhero Actors. EVER.

    This summer, you can hardly move for superhero films – and Green Lantern aside, we’ve seen most of the stars before. All the classic heroes have had a fair few outings with different faces by now, and if there’s one thing we hate about competition it’s not knowing who’s the WINNER. Feel like arbitrarily deciding whether Michael Keaton’s better at being grumpy than Christian Bale? Good.

  • Top 10 actors who should be cast as a superhero

    There’s no such thing as a predictable superhero casting – all the best Avengers, X-Men and otherwise pumped-up persons are unlikely characters who stumble into their crime-fighting alter egos just as unexpectedly as do the actors cast to play them. With so many A-list actors now boasting a brush with superheroism on their CVs, we’ve come up with a few new suggestions…

  • Untitled Batman Reboot: A Reimagining Too Far?

    With Hollywood apparently caught on repeat with nothing making it past the fourth instalment unless its a decade on and eligible for an encore, I ask if the current stream of superhero reboots are necessarily a bad thing. While Christopher Nolan might be leaving Gotham, and as the Justice League may necessitate a different Batman, this reboot culture has left many more winners and losers in its wake.