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  • Project Nim

    After the astonishing success of 2008’s Man On Wire James Marsh turns his documentary lens to the remarkable story of Nim, a chimp who became the centre of an experiment into whether language can indeed be acquired by animals. Without probing too much into the moral issues of such an experiment, Marsh presents this story with an extremely even hand, allowing us to be the judges of the characters, human and animal.

  • Top 10 Films With Good Soundtracks

    We’ve all had that moment when we’re watching a good film, and all of a sudden a song starts playing that you’ve never heard before, but almost immediately it’s become your favourite song of the moment, and you can’t stop whistling it on your way home. A good soundtrack can be the buttery icing on an already deliciously cakey film, and here’s our handy Top 10, just for you.

  • Films to see in August 2011

    So after a wet and blustery June and a less than tropical July, it looks like August is going to be no better. So, rather than delay the inevitable, best face facts now: that barbeque is staying in the shed, you’re not going to get a chance to wear that bikini and picnic food tastes rubbish when it’s covered in rain. However, last time we checked cinemas are all rain free! Huzzah! Here’s your pick of what’s to come next month!