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  • Extra Curricular Actors…Don’t give up the day job.

    Actors are a busy lot. All the research, workshopping, meetings, studio time, press releases, premiere events, Oscar screenings and after parties must get exhausting. And that’s just for one film. But, there are some go-getting young gunslingers in the acting community who want to go the extra mile and really get involved with the world outside the film industry. And here they are. A list of my favourite actors who want to make a difference.

  • Halloween Film Events 2010. Get them before they get you. And they will.

    Here at Best For Film, we want you to be prepared. Halloween comes but once a year, creeping up on you whilst you are distracted by the changing weather and the slow realisation that it’s not acceptable to wander around in your bikini because SUMMER IS OVER. And we would hate for you to miss out on super cool Halloween things due to a lack of preparation. So here it is, champs; a list of Halloween film events for you and me and all to share.

  • The Kid

    Adapted from the best-selling memoir by back alley boxer turned crime writer Kevin Lewis, The Kid is a harrowing tale of abuse, neglect, perseverance and ultimate triumph over adversity. Hyperboles like those are often used to describe ‘difficult upbringing’ stories, it is true, but with its exquisite performances, marvellous script and uncommonly sensitive direction The Kid represents the absolute apex of the genre.

  • Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher?

    Because apparently the Spitting Image biopics weren’t quite enough… Meryl Street, first lady of Hollywood, is currently in talks to take on the Iron Lady herself – Margaret Thatcher. A new film is being planned centering around our first and only female Prime Minister and the trials and tribulations she faced in the lead up to the Falklands War.