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  • Orlando Bloom engaged

    … And it seems pretty for real this time around. Orlando Bloom and partner Miranda Kerr have been dating now for three years, and their loved-up general cosiness has sparked many a wedding rumour in the past. But according to Bloom’s representative “Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are getting married”. And, well, there’s not a lot of misinterpreting that, is there?

  • Killers

    If Robert Luketic’s action-packed romantic comedy is to be believed – and it is an almighty stretch – men are capable of hiding everything from their nearest and dearest. In the case of the film’s charming hero, he manages to meet, woo and marry the woman of his dreams without revealing a vital part of his genetic make-up. His unsuspecting wife will definitely regret her wedding vows to love him ’til death us do part, and to be honest, we regret paying the ticket price.