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  • Top 10 Cults in Film

    Cults! Can’t live with ’em, can’t run away from ’em without being burnt alive as a human sacrifice to the pleasure gods. Over the years, cults – with all their hifalutin child eating and wicker brandishing – have inspired many a filmmaker to get their crazy deeds up on the big screen. And, as seen most recently in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, they’re still hot stuff. So, in honour of the release of PTA’s film, but mainly because BY THE BEARD OF THE HARVEST GOD we love a good sacrificial killing, BFF presents you with the Top Ten Cults in Film. Warning: contains boobs and fire, obviously.

  • Silent House

    Do you remember that bit in The Woman in Black where Daniel Radcliffe inches his way along a darkened corridor, holding onto an axe and kerosene light for dearest life? Well, Silent House is that scene, only spliced to a hundred more like it. Whether you have seen the original film or not, this is one of the most effective frighteners you will see this year, elevated by a fantastic central performance and a gimmick that essentially serves the traditional found footage format its marching orders. It’s just a shame about the ending.

  • Cheat Sheet: John Hawkes

    He’s got an Oscar nomination, a fantastic new film in cinemas and a talent for playing creatively terrifying characters. So why have you barely heard of him? This week the Cheat Sheet celebrates John Hawkes, an actor who has finally come in from the cold to the reception he deserves.

  • This Week’s Releases: The Trailers

    Ahhhh Sunday. The day where pure, unadulterated Watching is, legally, the only thing any self-respecting human can do. Hang up those thoughts of productivity – they can wait till Monday. Settle down into your pants, get trailer happy, and figure out what you’ll be watching this week…

  • Martha Marcy May Marlene

    Festival audiences all over the world have lavished praise on Sean Durkin’s debut feature Martha Marcy May Marlene, the tense and disturbing story of a girl who escapes from a charismatic cult leader but is plagued by horrific memories of her subjugation. Who knew there was an Olsen sister who was actually talented?