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  • Top 10 Con Artists in Film

    It’s difficult to hate a con artist – at least that’s what Hollywood would have you believe, if the multitude of movies paying homage to the skill is anything to go by. Here at Best For Film, we have our own favorites and seeing as we’ve just been reminded of them (thank you Identity Thief) we have chosen to compile it all into a tidy little Top Ten list for your reading pleasure.

  • Top 10 Nicolas Cage films

    Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is right around the corner and no-one is excited. Seeing as this will be yet another inevitably awful Nicolas Cage film, we’re trying to remind ourselves that he’s not always been that bad…

  • Nicolas Cage: a decade in dreadful films

    As the stage is set for another bloody awful year of Nicolas Cage releasing eight thousand crappy films, we thought we’d take you on a whistle-stop tour back through his entire demented oeuvre since the Millennium. Not suitable for readers who are sensitive to unpleasant hairstyles.