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  • World War Z

    World War Z was plagued from the first day of production with hasty reshoots, the lack of an ending and the need to fly in Damon Lindelof for emergency rewrites. When you need to hire Lindelof to tidy up your screenplay, you know something’s gone wrong. Imagine our surprise then, when World War Z proved to be not only coherent but actively enjoyable. It has no where near the scope of the Max Brooks book, and is tonally uneven, but for a CGI-driven action film World War Z is above par. Prepare for your bottom to be firmly clenched.

  • Alex Cross

    A thoroughly unnecessary and totally uncalled-for reboot of the Morgan Freeman-led Alex Cross films unites mediocre director Rob Cohen with the flop magnet that is the actor/director/screenwriter/producer/general nuisance Tyler Perry. A clumsy, forced script, an inexplicable central plot, and muddled direction makes Alex Cross a flamboyant train-wreck where the mangled carcasses of a buddy movie, a cop caper, and a psychological thriller are barely distinguishable.