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  • Top 10 British Icons Played by Non-Brits

    In honour of the news that Jessica Chastain (a dirty American) may be taking the lead role in a biopic of Princess Diana, BFF have compiled a list of the Top 10 iconic British roles which have been snatched away by actors of other nationalities. This is one for all you xenophobes out there.

  • Top 10 Films that Messed With History

    In honour of Roland Emmerich’s latest film Anonymous, which claims Shakespeare didn’t write his plays, BFF brings you the Top 10 list of films which have messed with history over the years. Whether it’s romanticising a horrible tale for the purposes of not making children cry, or casting Johnny Depp as an English detective, this list explores the ten films which over the years have taken History and punched it repeatedly in the face. WARNING: this article contains spoilers and several references to Mel Gibson.

  • The Beaver

    The Beaver, directed by Jodie Foster and starring Mel “WHOOPS” Gibson, is a strange little film, as two-faced as its depressed protagonist. Lurching oddly between po-faced dark comedy and lets-hug-it-out family fare, it ends up being a rather patchwork tale that’s never quite as touching or as funny as it should be. But, on the bright side, who knew Gibson could do such a great Ray Winstone impression?

  • The Hangover: Part II

    As Todd Phillips insists on telling each of us, personally, on an hourly basis, The Hangover was the highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all time. And if people enjoyed watching irresponsible men wander around a dangerous city carrying a baby and looking for their possibly dead friend two years ago, then why wouldn’t they love seeing exactly the same thing again? With a monkey!

  • Friday Face/Off: Mel Gibson

    We love Fridays – the scent of a hard-day’s-nonsensing is in the air, the forgiving underpants are calling and team BFF are constantly on the verge of nervous, untrustworthy smiles. What else is there to do then, but to have a big argument? This week, we’re debating Mel Gibson – the life and times of. What’s your stance?

  • Anthropomorphise this! The personification of objects in cinema

    Every so often Hollywood runs out of actors and must pass the buck to a slightly less animate object. We celebrate such occasions with a collection of the greatest instances of anthropomorphism in cinema. Categorised into Puppets, Objects, Robots, Concepts and Miscellaneous, this list aims to question the importance of opposable thumbs and evolution in the production of unforgettable characters. Crack out Chip and Mrs. Potts, fill your nearest Brave Little Toaster and set Etch to entertain.