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  • Top 10 Glasses in Movies

    Glasses. They’re weird, aren’t they? Bits of plastic or glass slapped over your stupid face that either serve a purpose by bending light in the exact way that your warped and pathetic eyeballs fail to do, or they serve no purpose other than to obscure your epidermis. Why would anyone bother compiling a list of glasses? Because we’re Best For Film AND THAT’S HOW WE ROLL.

  • Top 10 Classic Novels (That Filmmakers Won’t Leave Alone)

    This Friday heralds the release of Andrea Arnold’s new film version of Emily Brontë’s beloved novel, Wuthering Heights. In honour of this occasion, which marks the FIRST TIME anyone has made a film of this book, BFF have compiled a list of…wait, what? What’s that you say? You mean, there’s been a film of Wuthering Heights before?! Seriously, though, here’s a list of the Top 10 classic novels that KEEP GETTING FILMED.

  • Top 5 Cinematic Zombie Recipes

    There’s always a time when you could do with a zombie; they’re useful for everything from keeping your place in queues to warning the neighbours not to do their DIY when you’re asleep (“Or Ralph here will just push the fecking wall down, geddit?”). But how the devil do you go about getting one? Luckily for you, we’ve collated some of the best zombie recipes in cinema history…

  • 12 Angry Lebanese

    12 Angry Lebanese, which recently debuted at the Mosaic Rooms in luxurious Kensington, portrays an unusual set of goings on at Roumieh maximum security jail in Lebanon. Director and therapist Zeina Dacacche spent more than a year working with a group of felons to present an adapted performance of the classic play ’12 Angry Men’; this film is the extraordinary result of her efforts.

  • Halloween Film Events 2010. Get them before they get you. And they will.

    Here at Best For Film, we want you to be prepared. Halloween comes but once a year, creeping up on you whilst you are distracted by the changing weather and the slow realisation that it’s not acceptable to wander around in your bikini because SUMMER IS OVER. And we would hate for you to miss out on super cool Halloween things due to a lack of preparation. So here it is, champs; a list of Halloween film events for you and me and all to share.

  • Will Smith to make Justin Bieber movie. This is your life.

    Creepy, shmoozing teenager, Justin Bieber is not only taking over the radio waves but he’s all spread his sacharine smile on our screens too. He’s chatting to his new mate, Will Smith who must have been charmed by Bieber’s innocence (he doesn’t fool me, he knows exactly what he’s doing) and has decided to make a film based on Bieber’s life. What life?? Isn’t he like twelve??? What could he have done with his life? I’m hoping for a 50 Cent, Get Rich or Die Trying type thing.

  • ‘In Memorium’ Oscars Controversy

    Ever since the Oscars aired on Sunday, there has been anger directed at the creator of the ‘In Memorium’ reel for neglecting to honour Farah Fawcett.

    The Charlie’s Angels actress died in June of last year after struggling with cancer since 2006, and apparently her family were hurt and saddened by the fact that she wasn’t included in the In Memorium section of the Oscar ceremony.