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  • Afterschool

    Teenage angst breaches new yet surprisingly dull territory in this pretentious thriller set in an East Coast prep school. Afterschool provides a hundred solid minutes of tedious indie art as we explore awkward social situations and drug abuse, all through one too many lingering back-of-head shots.

  • Golden Globe nominees announced

    The nominations for 2010’s Golden Globes award ceremony are in – and there are certainly some surprises.
    Everyone’s favourite poor man’s Oscars will take place on January 17 next year, and to give us all adequate jeering and scoffing time, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association today announced their illustrious potential award recipients.

  • A Serious Man

    If the film world were to go blind tomorrow, and we had to choose but one team to lead the rest out of darkness, we would happily slip a lead around the necks of Joel and Ethan Coen and follow them wherever they took us. These men are incapable of putting a foot wrong. With A Serious Man the brothers have come up with yet another modern day masterpiece.