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  • That Awkward Moment

    When his wife asks for a divorce, Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) turns to best friends Jason (Zac Efron) and Daniel (Miles Teller) for support. They vow to remain single as a sign of solidarity, and to help Mikey get over Vera (Jessica Lucas) by setting him up with a few one night stands at their…

  • 21 and Over

    If you thought last month’s Spring Breakers was too avant-garde and provocative, 21 and Over is the film for you. Derivative, predictable and crass rather than controversial, the latest film from the creators of The Hangover is just like the last one, only this time there’s a buffalo. A BUFFALO.

  • Footloose

    They’re remaking Footloose?! FOOTLOOSE?! Well, yes, but hear me out; you can put your pitchforks and capital letters away as they won’t be needed here. While ostensibly a classic, the original Footloose was no masterpiece, it wasn’t infallible, and it certainly does not constitute hallowed ground. Not that that stops director Craig Brewer from treating it thusly, Footloose knows exactly what it is: a contemporary feel-good film with an unusually rich heritage, and it’s all the better for it.