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  • Monday Face/Off – Matt Damon

    Promised Land, the latest offering from Gus Van Sant, almost managed to sneak under our radar this week despite starring Frances McDormand and Matt Damon. Matt Damon! Everyone loves him, don’t th… oh, apparently they don’t. With unexpected tides of pro- and anti-Damon prejudice swelling through the corridors of Best For Film Towers, we’re resolving things the traditional way – with a stupid argument about butter.

  • Monday Face/Off – Christopher Walken

    Christopher Walken is back on our screens in A Late Quartet – but then again, when’s he ever off them? After more than fifty years in showbusiness, the man who wisely decided to abandon the name Ronald but not-so-wisely never invested in a wig shows no sign of slowing down. There’s never a bad time to look back at such a chequered career, so we thought we’d just do it on the day Thatcher died to give you some variety.

  • Monday Face/Off – Nicolas Cage

    Winner of an Academy Award, creator of ‘Nouveau Shamanic’ and star of some of your favorite flicks to hate, Nicolas Cage is a man that creates strong reactions. Nowhere is this more true than here at BFF. And so it came to be that upon the eve of his latest release, Stolen, Sarah and Megan were called on as tribute to battle it out for the honor of this enigmatic fellow. For all the blow-by-blow coverage, read on below…

  • Monday Face/Off – Jim Carrey

    Ah, Jim Carrey. It seems as if everyone who is anyone has an opinion on this funnyman of big budget flicks – whether you adore his early works and abhore Mr Popper’s Penguins, prefer him to stick to comedy and steer clear of serious dramas (hello Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind) or simply want to see him dress up in a funny costume, it’s hard not to have an opinion about good old Jim. So, with THAT in the forefront of our minds, Sarah and Nina have launched into an almighty row…

  • Monday Face/Off – Barbra Streisand

    She holds the titles of singer, songwriter, actress, writer, film producer and director, and her appearance at last month’s Oscars demonstrated that the world still hasn’t fallen out of love with Barbra Streisand. With a career spanning almost 50 years, she’s now back on the big screen along side Seth Rogen in The Guilt Trip and in a commemoration that only BFF can pull off, we give you this Monday’s face/off.

  • Monday Face/Off: Rachel McAdams

    To The Wonder is out now, and among the cast of Terence Malick’s newest impenetrable drama is a certain Canadian with a great big forehead and a great big heart. But will Rachel McAdams’ role be an inspired return to form for 2004’s Hollywood It Girl or a sad little footnote to a fading career? We don’t know, obviously, so we’re just having an argument.

  • Monday Face/Off: Judi Dench

    To frantically detract attention from Run For Your Wife, out in about three cinemas now, we’re devoting this week’s Face/Off to the extra who landed the unappealing role of ‘Bag Lady’ in Danny Dyer’s latest attack on cinema. Except that it wasn’t an extra, was it? It was Dame Judi Dench. John and Ray are sharpening their tongues and preparing for (completely civil, typed) battle, so pick a side and join in…

  • Monday Face/Off: Danny Dyer

    With bigamy-centric farce Run For Your Wife, widely tipped to be 2013’s worst film, on (very limited) release this week, Danny Dyer’s star has seldom been higher… although that’s not saying much, actually. But where do you stand on the great Dyer debate – is he a cheeky cockney chappie lending some much-needed levity to British cinema, or just a dreadful tossbag who should have been drowned as a child? We haven’t decided yet.

  • Monday Face/Off – Dick Van Dyke

    Our bafflingly successful Face/Off 2013 series continues with a totally unbiased assessment of actor, singer, rapper (seriously) and Friend of Cetaceans Dick Van Dyke. Van Dyke may have been honoured with a lifetime achievement gong at last night’s SAG Awards, but is the octogenarian star of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a living legend or just a wrinkled embarrassment who refuses to lie down and die? Don’t decide now, wait for the shouting to subside…

  • Monday Face/Off – Steven Spielberg

    Week 2 of the revived Face/Off, and in our quest to smear everyone likely to lift an Oscar next month we’re going after Steven ‘literally the world’s most popular director’ Spielberg and his endless production line of successful, enjoyable, inoffensive cinema. You bastard, Steve. Sod your New Year’s Resolution to think only kind thoughts, it’s time to FACE/OFF!