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  • Monday Mash-Up: Vampires

    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 has been in the cinemas for a couple of weeks and is consequently all anyone ever talks/thinks/dreams about. So here at BFF we have prepared a special vampire-themed Monday Mash-Up for you to peruse. Hidden expertly in the image below are several famed filmic vampires (or elements of them). The question is, can you guess them all before the sun comes up and burns/sparkles you to death? Good luck, friend. God be with you.

  • Monday Mash-Up – Santa Special

    To celebrate the release of Arthur Christmas, BFF brings you an extra special Christmassy Mash-Up filled with spare parts, white fur and plenty of festive cheer. But can you guess all the films we’ve included? If you can’t we’ll come to your house and burn your stocking presents because evidently you hate Christmas and everything it stands for.

  • Monday Mash-Up – Centipede Special

    Since none of us have been able to do anything about the release of The Human Centipede: Full Sequence, we thought we might as well try to take the edge off its horrible messy arrival by putting some more conventional insects through their A2M paces. It’s the most gruesome Mash-Up yet…

  • Monday Mash-Up – John Carpenter Special!

    Since it’s Hallowe’en, we thought we’d treat you to a Mash-Up courtesy of the acclaimed master of horror – John Carpenter himself. See if you can deduce which of his films provided the raw materials for tonight’s hellish creature… just make sure you check under your bed before you go to sleep…

  • Monday Mash-Up – CRAP GHOSTS SPECIAL!

    To commemorate the release of Paranormal Activity 3, a franchise which has made more than $100m through the simple expedient of filming a bedroom in which nothing happens, we’ve created a new ghostly character to appeal to its simple-minded fans. Can you identify its components? At least we didn’t rip off Blair Witch

  • Monday Mash-Up – ROBOT SPECIAL!

    To celebrate the release of Real Steel, we’ve ventured into the cyber laboratory to build a mighty Mash-Up robot from spare parts discarded from films throughout the ages. Guess them all and we’ll reward you with a prosthetic arm – but get one wrong and you’ll be rogered by Gort from here to eternity…

  • Monday Mash-Up – Rowan Atkinson Special!

    To acknowledge (but not celebrate) the now-unavoidable release of Johnny English Reborn, we’ve looked back at some of Rowan Atkinson’s less creatively bankrupt roles to put together a mighty Atkinson Megazord. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a king of beasts with quite so little hair…

  • Monday Mash-Up – Drive-In Special!

    To celebrate the release of Drive, this week the Monday Mash-Up’s come over all automotive-y. Can you identify the ten different cinematic cars (and so on) which feature in today’s photo? If you can, you stand to win… some oil! Or something.

  • Monday Mash-Up: DINO SPECIAL

    To celebrate the imminent re-release of Jurassic Park (now even more DINOTASTIC), we’ve sewn together monsters from the obscene to the Pleistocene in our quest to create the best and most complicated sauropod you’ve ever laid eyes on. We’ve used ten different dinosaurs! TEN! That’s MORE DINOSAURS THAN THERE ACTUALLY WERE!

  • Monday Mashup: GIRL SPECIAL

    Seeing as we’ve gone all overly ovary this week at BFF, it was only a matter of time before our womanly conversation turned (and stayed firmly on) the favourite topic of any womb-sack: HORSES. This week we’ve mashed together six of the cinema’s finest hoofy pals – can you make horse-head or tail of them?