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  • Manborg

    It took Canadian Steve Kostanski three years and only $1000 to create Manborg, an homage to mid-80s VHS sci-fi and horror. By embracing their cheap production values and never aspiring to be more or less than hilarious nostalgia, Manborg is possibly one of the best cinematic experiences you’ll ever have, providing that you are old enough to remember the unique and exquisite sensation of pushing a tape into a VCR. MANBORG!

  • Kingdom of Gladiators

    Kingdom of Gladiators tells the story of a king who makes a pact with a demon, and then has a gladiator tournament, and these two things are somehow connected. Steer clear if you can, this tits-and-hits action film offers a very poor show of both the former and the latter.

  • Video Games made into Movies

    We can all think of a video game that somehow, beyond all sense and rationality, made it from the little screen to the big, and we usually wince when we recall them. The list of films based on video games is arguably one of the most excruciating compilations of film fails. So why do people keep on trying? And why do they always suck?

  • Buck Rogers On The Big Screen?

    It’s one of those projects that has been talked about for years, without anything ever happening. Could it be that finally, Buck Rogers – everyone’s favourite fighter-pilot turned space-hero – might at last be hitting the big screen?