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  • Piggy

    Piggy holds a magnifying-glass up to life in London and reveals the everyday horrors that each one of us city dwellers silently dreads… and then it goes mental, throws in a gangster and takes us on a revenge-killing spree.

  • Top 10 Movies to see this September

    So indecisive you can’t choose what mug to use for your frothy morning energiser? Well hopefully this list will help you narrow down those options. But for films, not mugs. Hmm…although there might be a gap in the market for Best for Mugs.

  • Kill List

    Do hit-men deserve a stab at a definition of morality? Kill List sort of cares about the answer to that question, but ends up forgetting about it in favour of pure, unadulterated entertainment. Brilliantly paced, cannily-structured, gloriously witty and absolutely terrifying, Kill List will take you on an unbelievable journey – just don’t bother hoping it will slow down enough to let you make sense of it.