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  • Beastly

    Because there’s nothing less attractive to a wet-lipped young maiden than a tattooed, pierced, bad-ass motorcycle demon with a past so tortured he like, can’t even talk about it (until he does). I always wondered what Beauty and the Beast would be like if, instead of good, it was like, really, really awful. Now I know.

  • Are you dreaming of a Green Christmas?

    If so, it seems like your prayers have been answered. We can confirm that everybody’s favourite silver screen stoner duo Harold and Kumar are set return to our screens for a Christmas-themed third instalment of the film series.

  • Katy Perry To Play Smurfette

    Wow, the smurf news just keeps piling up this week. First we hear that Neil Patrick Harris is set to play some kind of human in the upcoming Smurf film, and today it’s been revealed that Smurfette – will be voiced by music star Katy Perry. Well, at least as the only female smurf in the midst there’ll be no fear of her kissing any girls and liking it.