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  • Shame

    A bleak look at the unravelling life of a New York sex addict, Shame showcases brave work by director Steve McQueen and his second time collaborator, Michael Fassbender. Expertly shot and powerfully acted, the film takes an affliction often the subject of ridicule and uses it to tell an affecting story of vice and isolation.

  • Disney’s new project: Gargoyles!

    As people whose childhoods were made up entirely of watching cartoons in darkened rooms, we’re always happy to know that our tender years was not utterly, utterly wasted. Disney has decided to adapt their glorious 90s cartoon series Gargolyes into a feature-film, and frankly, we’ve never felt more knowledgable (who’s life is pointless now, mum?)

  • Sex and the City 2 trailer hits the web

    As Sarah Jessica Parker and co prepare themselves for a return to the silver screen this summer, Universal have kindly gone and released a brand-spanking new Sex and the City 2 trailer. Following on from 2008’s massively successful Sex and the City, this summer’s most anticipated must-see chick flick sees the continuation of the fab foursome’s New York escapades.

  • Velvet Underground Frontman Turns Director

    Lou Reed, former front-man of rock band The Velvet Underground has made a documentary that will premiere at the Visions du Réel festival in Nyon, Switzerland. What’s it about? Drugs? The heavy rock lifestyle? Actually, it’s about his 99 year old cousin, Shirley Novick, and it’s entitled Red Shirley.

  • Green Day: The Musical

    It’s been revealed today that Tom Hanks and his Playtone production company is currently looking to lock down the film rights to the Green Day musical, which doesn’t even hit the stage until in New York until April 20th. What’s that, you didn’t know there was a Green Day musical? Yeah. Neither did we.

  • Motherhood

    Kids, eh? Snorting, slurping, farting, chewing little bundles of joy that they are. Motherhood explores a day in the life of a typical Noo York mom, as she attempts to juggle her responsibilities as well as write a piece that explains ‘what motherhood means to her’. Sound a little schmaltzy? Yeah. It is. Uma Thurman natural charm almost saves this piece, but at the end of the day it’s a little to wrapped up itself to be memorable.

  • Friends- Season 1-10 Complete Collection

    They’ll be there for you… all ten seasons of them in one handy collection. Although it’s been 4 years since the final episode of Friends aired, there seems to be no end in sight for the popularity of this cultural phenomenon. And to be honest, we can see why. Brilliant writing, characters you can’t help but fall in love with, and a theme tune that somehow never gets annoying. Even now it’s a great Christmas present, and we’ll probably be saying the same thing next year.

  • Confessions of a Shopaholic

    We’re all for brainless and fluffy rom-coms, they’re what this country was built on after all. However, Confessions Of A Shopaholic not only lacks depth, but is devoid of humour, charm and pace. With so many other films in this genre offering quirky comedy, razor wit and serious style, we’re less than impressed. Shopaholic? We’re not buying it.