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  • Short actors wanted for Hobbit film

    In many occupations there are unwritten requirements. I mean, you can’t work in a bakery if you don’t like baked goods, but I’m sure the job advertisement doesn’t state “must love bread”. However, were you making a film where the main characters are hobbits (short and slightly podgy creatures with hair from ankle to foot), and you want to half the scaling down effort, then why not advertise for what you require? Heightest? Hey, this is Hollywood.

  • Conchords Murray filming upcoming New Zealand comedy

    Funny film alert! Our favourite Deputy Cultural Attaché of the New Zealand consulate, Rhys Darby, is returning to the big-screen in New Zealand comedy Love Birds. Darby, best known for his work as bumbling band manager Murray Hewitt in Flight of the Conchords, has been cast in Love Birds as a “hunky romantic lead”.