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  • Monday Face/Off – Nicolas Cage

    Winner of an Academy Award, creator of ‘Nouveau Shamanic’ and star of some of your favorite flicks to hate, Nicolas Cage is a man that creates strong reactions. Nowhere is this more true than here at BFF. And so it came to be that upon the eve of his latest release, Stolen, Sarah and Megan were called on as tribute to battle it out for the honor of this enigmatic fellow. For all the blow-by-blow coverage, read on below…

  • Cheat Sheet: Christopher Walken

    It’s Walken Week here at Best For Film and, to celebrate his upcoming role in Seven Psychopaths, we’re saturating the internet with Christopher Walken news, reviews and booze (look forward to the Friday Drinking Game!) Undeniably brilliant, consistently mesmerising and with an inexplicable intonation, join us as we walk with Walken.

  • Top 10 Cults in Film

    Cults! Can’t live with ’em, can’t run away from ’em without being burnt alive as a human sacrifice to the pleasure gods. Over the years, cults – with all their hifalutin child eating and wicker brandishing – have inspired many a filmmaker to get their crazy deeds up on the big screen. And, as seen most recently in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, they’re still hot stuff. So, in honour of the release of PTA’s film, but mainly because BY THE BEARD OF THE HARVEST GOD we love a good sacrificial killing, BFF presents you with the Top Ten Cults in Film. Warning: contains boobs and fire, obviously.