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  • New Inception featurette online!

    Want to know more about Chris Nolan’s new epic Inception, but watched the trailer so many times you’re having Di Caprio dreams? Us too. And they’re not those kind of dreams (for the most part). Luckily, Warner Bros has OK’d the release of a short featurette, giving us a bit more insight into the making of the film.

  • New Scott Pilgrim clip online

    Sometimes, the world does just seem a beautiful, beautiful place. For a good few nights now we’ve been praying for just a wee bit more Scott Pilgrim to tide us over until it gets released here in the UK. And guess what? At the MTV awards they only went and showed us one! Ahhhh. Happiness.

  • Sex And The City 2: Reviews so far

    We all know by now that the new Sex And The City film hasn’t exactly reached the dizzying heights of success the ladies are used to. In fact, it seems more like the only thing keeping Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha from falling face-down into the shit-storm of media hate is their glistening high heels. Judging by the reviews so far it seems like it’s not only boring, and patronising, but also more racist than a ticking gollywog. Brilliant stuff. Well done everyone. But what are the critics actually saying?

  • New Scott Pilgrim Trailer online

    Hurrah! In a world filled with re-makes, re-runs and Sex and The City 2: Pigs In The City, it’s truly glorious to remember that films such as Scott Pilgrim Vs The World are still on the horizon. And the new trailer looks, frankly, awesome-tastic.

  • New Despicable Me Poster Online

    With the upcoming MegaMind, Disney’s new baddie twist on Sleeping Beauty and Despicable Me, it looks like we may be ushering in the age of the anti-hero. Who cares about the good guys? It’s all about them blokes lurking about in the shadows.

  • New Shrek Posters Online

    And they’re pun-tastic. Which, frankly, is all we ever really want from our ogre-based entertainment. In the wake of the massive marketing push for Toy Story 3, it’s almost easy to forget that Shrek 4 is also nudging ever closer to our screens, albeit in a slightly less noisy way. The story, as far as we can tell, will follow Shrek making a Faustian pact with Rumplestiltskin, to see what life would be life if Shrek never existed.