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  • Patagonia

    “Oh brilliant”, you’re thinking, “another addition to the already crowded sub-genre of Welsh films set in South America”. But hush your cynicism a while, because this one’s really good. In fact, it deserves to be one of your top 10 Welsh/South American films of all time. Though a little meandering, its grip on the hardships of human relationships and jaw-droppingly beautiful cinematography make Patagonia a cut above your average Duffy video. Duffy’s in it, is the point.

  • Glasgow Film Festival

    Contents of a classic Glaswegian Film Festival: Contains Music, a smattering of Youth Films, several heaped tablespoons of Short Films, a dash of Frightfest, and an independent magazine. Serves two annual awards. Now that’s a huge great big belly-full of Film delights.