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  • Penelope Cruz in Pirates Of The Caribbean 4?

    Apparently the sultry star of Nine (well, potential Best Supporting Actress anyway) is in negotiations to join Pitt on his latest cruise around the Caribbean. The two have worked together before in the heartbreaking memoir Blow so it’s safe to say that there’s be no lack of chemistry on-board. Swapping Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom for Penelope Cruz? It’s a bit like swapping an old button and a bit of a playing card for 20 quid.

  • Orlando Bloom To Be A Doctor

    ….In his next film, at least. Having turned down the role of Will ‘as boring as a dead crab’ Turner in the new Pirates Of The Caribbean film, we’ve been wondering what will fill the void. And apparently it’ll beplaying a pyschopathic doctor in a new indie film written by Veronica Mars creator John Embom. At least it’ll give him a chance to be upstaged by someone other than Johnny Depp.

  • Pirates 4: We’re All Getting a Bit Sea-Sick

    Confirmation of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides came yesterday, announced (oddly enough) by the Governor of Hawaii. The Pirates team plan to film on the Hawaiian islands of Kaua’i and O’ahu and so it was the proud job of the local government to tell the world of their upcoming visitors.

  • The Return of the Western

    Hold on to your ten-gallon hats and strap on your spurs (actually don’t, some things really are best left to the privacy of your own home), because Paramount’s planning to revamp the western genre in a big way.