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  • Polyester @ The Roxy – a Scalarama special

    Screenings are important. Screenings are how I discovered that Carrie is the scariest film ever made. Screenings are how I got to see Tommmy Wiseau tell a ten minute story about leather jackets. Screenings are responsible for the only tolerable instance I’ve seen of someone eating nachos in a cinema, albeit fancy ones. The guys from Scalarama are firmly in agreement with these statements, and they want to get you involved.

  • Final Destination 5

    A strategic yacht with an extra long and pointy mast sails beneath a woman falling from airborne wreckage; spearing her guts out in an awesome splatter of blood and gore. It could only be Final Destination… in 3D! Again. Derivative, repetitive and deeply boring, it’s time Death came for this tired old franchise.