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  • The Last Stand

    His first starring role since making the relatively short trip back to Hollywood from the L.A. governor’s mansion, Arnold Schwarzenegger creaks back onto the big screen in a routine actioner that bets big on nostalgia for the one-liners and stiff acting he perfected so long ago. Does a dinosaur like Schwarzenegger have a place in an era dominated by wire-less martial arts madness and the kind of jumped-up hyper-kinetic combat pioneered by the Bourne franchise? The Last Stand is a lesson in the saving grace of star power, even if it doesn’t burn quite as bright as it used to.

  • God Bless The Western: A Top 5 Introduction

    After the recent success of True Grit it’s time we forget about aliens, doomsday stories and talking animals for a while and remember the art of film for real men – The Western. Let us recall the good old days- when 14 year old girls didn’t just hang out and have wet dreams about Justin Bieber, but went off with strangers to kill the murderer of their Dads and some Outlaws on the way. If you’re a fledgling Western buff, fear not – we’ve got the films you need to feel part of the action. Heck, you can almost smell the horse poop and cowboy sweat right on your couch…

  • John Carpenter: Filmography of a horror icon

    Master of horror John Carpenter has his first film for years arriving in January with supernatural chiller The Ward. We take a look back at the legendary director’s finest moments, to celebrate a career including some genre icons, a few cult classics and more than a few scares.