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  • Top 10 Stars That Never Were

    You know how it goes. You’re watching a film, possibly with friends if you have them, and an actor pops up. “Oooh him! What was he in?” Debates begin, IMDb is consulted. You find out that this actor was in quite a few films a couple of years ago, and was almost in Massive Moviestar territory, until seemingly it all went wrong. “What happened?” you wonder. We at Best for Film wonder also. Here’s our Top 10 Movie Stars that it Never Quite Happened For.

  • The Kid

    Adapted from the best-selling memoir by back alley boxer turned crime writer Kevin Lewis, The Kid is a harrowing tale of abuse, neglect, perseverance and ultimate triumph over adversity. Hyperboles like those are often used to describe ‘difficult upbringing’ stories, it is true, but with its exquisite performances, marvellous script and uncommonly sensitive direction The Kid represents the absolute apex of the genre.