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  • Top 10 Films we Hate to Love… and Love to Hate

    From time to time we are presented with films so bad that they rattle our cages till they can rattle no more. Sometimes we shamefully have to bury our heads in the sand because the powers that be force us to enjoy them. So without further ado, may we present you with the top ten films we hate to love and love to hate

  • Hunger

    Five strangers wake up in a mysterious room, with just a ticking clock and enough water to survive for 30 days. It may sound like another Saw rip-off, but despite its flaws Hunger is an unexpected treat.

  • The Collector

    The Saw films have turned wanton cruelty into an annual event, with a seventh instalment in the series due this Halloween. Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, screenwriters of Saw IV, V and VI, evidently aren’t satisfied with the carnage they have already wrought, so they have co-written this equally grisly tale about a robbery that turns unexpectedly nasty.

  • Lionsgate Bids Big for Terminator

    Saw franchise distributors Lionsgate have hit the lead in the Terminator auction. Their whopping $15 million bid for the rights to the franchise has seen them designated the “stalking horse” bidder by the bankrupt Halcyon Group.