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  • Never Let Me Go

    A confident distilling of a brilliant novel, Never Let Me Go manages to capture the haunting beauty of Kazuo Ishiguro’s creation without ever giving in to cinematic indulgence. Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield give mesmerising performances as lovers forced apart by tragic circumstance, and even Keira “act from the chin” Knightley gives that emotion thing a whirl.

  • Robot Chicken Star Wars

    A robot and a chicken go together like… two opposite things stuck painfully together with superglue. The chicken’s all like “cluck” and “I’m eating and stuff, no seriously I am, check me out” and the robot’s all like “I want to make ner-ner-ner robot sounds and take over the world but I can’t because half of me is a chicken”. And then we have Robot Chicken Star Wars. Which is something completely different. Are you ready? Robot… Chicken… Star… Wars. Superglue it to your brain.

  • Win: Fringe Season 2 Boxset DVD

    We have a Fringe Season 2 DVD Boxset to give away! Fringe is a sci-fi TV series made possible by the longevity and success of The X-Files. Just what is this trippy, whimsical, conspiracy-laden sci-fi series up to now?
    Competition ends 28 October 2010.

  • District 9

    District 9 is a welcome return to politics in sci-fi films. It begins like an Apartheid spin on Brazilian ghetto drama City Of God, mutates into The Fly, and winds up pushing emotional buttons in a way reminiscent of ET…

  • Moon

    MOON is the first feature film by David Bowie’s son. It’s an intimate and beautiful sci-fi thriller that has already won awards and is being ranked with Alien, Blade Runner and 2001…

  • Metropolis (Restored)

    For decades, Fritz Lang’s expressionist sci-fi Metropolis has been considered an indisputable classic. This fact has not changed. The film, however, has. With its running time having been cut by a quarter shortly after its German premiere in 1927, the full version of Lang’s epic was long presumed lost, until it miraculously turned up in Argentina two years ago. Having been recut and restored, the version we see now is the closest audiences have been to Lang’s vision in over 80 years – and it’s just as astonishing as you might expect.

  • Fringe Season 2 review

    If you’re reading a Fringe season 2 review, you’ve probably already made it through season 1 – so we’ll preach to the converted. Fringe is a sci-fi TV series made possible by the longevity and success of The X-Files.
    Just what is this trippy, whimsical, conspiracy-laden sci-fi series up to now?

  • The Fourth Kind

    The Fourth Kind has been endlessly marketed as the next big thing in the docu-drama niche, touting its real-to-life credentials with all the po-faced gravitas of a clinically depressed geography teacher. A cursory glance, let alone a detailed investigation, is all you need to discover that somebody, somewhere, is covering up the truth regarding their background material…

  • Daybreakers

    Warning – don’t go and see this film expecting another Twilight. The vamps in Daybreakers belong firmly to the old school of demonesque bad guys who have overrun the earth and must be hunted down with machine guns, exploding crossbows and other such gore-porn paraphernalia. The action is set 10 years in the future, where the human population has been infected with vampirism and blood has become as big a business as Coca-Cola. It’s up to Ethan Hawke’s erstwhile hematologist to save the population from themselves, but mostly he just ends up shooting a lot of stuff.

  • Star Trek

    We need to be honest with you… we’re nerds – pocket protector owning, corduroy wearing, Windows 3.1 loving nerds and have been long before it became quasi-cool (thanks Pharrell). While our playground peers were debating The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan, we were having deep discussions about phasers, warp drives and why Captain Kirk would make the best dad ever. This makes us the worst type of nerd – a Star Trek nerd. And while we’ve never gone to a convention, it didn’t stop us pestering our mother’s in to making us a Federation captain’s uniform out of a knitted yellow jumper, some kitchen foil and a carefully cut egg carton. Hence you can only imagine our trepidation at the prospect of the Mr. Mission Impossible 3 J.J. Abram’s, reboot – but we and our fellow geeks needn’t have worried.