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  • The Gatekeepers

    Oscar-nominated documentary The Gatekeepers is nothing short of fascinating, with six former heads of the Shin Bet giving a unique account of combating terrorism in Israel during each of their stints as leader. In a similar fashion to The Fog of War, The Gatekeepers is a highly intriguing insight into what was, until now, a hugely hidden world.

  • Interview! We talk with Sugar Man director Malik Bendjelloul

    We were lucky enough to be invited over to the cosy environs of The Mercer in Covent Garden to sit down for a chat with Searching For Sugar Man director Malik Bendjelloul, in town to promote the DVD release of his documentary-feature debut. Spanning decades and continents, Searching For Sugar Man is a compellingly unusual story, and we wanted to know more about Bendjelloul’s experience with its unlikely star, the eternally sunglassed Rodriguez.

  • Searching For Sugar Man

    Releasing two classic albums in the early seventies to minor critical acclaim but non-existent commercial success in the US, reclusive singer-guitarist Rodriguez became something of a popular music myth. Examining his phenomenal popularity overseas and his music’s relative obscurity at home in the US, director Malik Bendjelloul goes in search of the story behind a man dubbed the ‘Mexican Bob Dylan.’