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  • Little Fockers trailer online

    OK, we admit, news is fairly thin on the ground today, but for those who thought Meet The Fockers was just freaking hilarious and not at all crap and tired, good news! There’s a trailer out for the even more funny and not at all tired and crap sequel: Little Fockers! Fockers, do you get it? Yeah, cos… oh you remember that joke from the first two films? Oh yeah.

  • [rec] 2

    Set shortly after the events of Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza’s nerve-shredding 2007 film, [Rec] 2 slyly uses the locations, characters and storyline from the first film as a solid foundation for a second hellish journey into a Barcelona apartment block, where a viral outbreak has apparently transformed the residents into flesh-crazed killers.

  • Monsters inc part 2

    Rumours have been zipping back and forth for a while now, but we can officially confirm that Pixar are currently working on Monster Inc 2. We’ve got mixed feelings about this news, as messing with a glorious original like Monsters Inc is always going to be playing with fire, but at the same time, this is Pixar. Generally speaking, these guys don’t do messing up.

  • Sex And City 3?

    Kim Catrall has got Sex and The City fans all a-flutter once again today by hinting that there may well be a third movie. The trailer for the second film was released last week (and you can view it here), and with all the hype surrounding it there’s probably never been a better to stir up some rumours. That cunning minx.

  • Mission Impossible 4 Gets A Director

    The Incredibles Director Brad Bird is in final negotiations with Paramount Pictures to helm Mission Impossible 4. Tom Cruise is also set to return (well it wouldn’t be much of a Mission Impossible film without the Cruister!) and the plan is to release the film in May of next year, so expect production to start pretty soon.

  • Sex and the City 2 trailer hits the web

    As Sarah Jessica Parker and co prepare themselves for a return to the silver screen this summer, Universal have kindly gone and released a brand-spanking new Sex and the City 2 trailer. Following on from 2008’s massively successful Sex and the City, this summer’s most anticipated must-see chick flick sees the continuation of the fab foursome’s New York escapades.

  • 80s Film Remake Tron has sequel writers

    Do you remember the 80s film Tron? Well, unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island with Tom Hanks as your only friend you’ll know that Disney are planning on bringing the classic retro film to the modern age. The new tron, Tron Legacy is due to be released on December 26th in the UK but so confident are Disney of its success that they have already got writers working on the sequel.

  • The Hangover that won’t go away…

    For fans of 2009’s smash hit The Hangover it’s time to rejoice, as we can confirm that the original movie’s troublesome trio of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis have all signed up for the film’s sequel. Despite earlier hesitance from the movie’s stars to commit to the sequel, it is proposed that shooting for The Hangover 2 will commence sometime in July, with Cooper reportedly so eager to commence filming that he has pulled out of rom-com This Means War (which was also due to commence filming in July).