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  • RA. One

    ‘Wait. What? What is, what is going on? Is that a robot? Oh. Hang on. They’re dancing now. And singing! Where did those ladies in bikinis come from? Oh my god! Is he – is he dead? This is so sad! And touching and – wait. Intermission?’ My brain, the whole way through this film.

  • My Name Is Khan

    Fox paid a lot to secure the international rights to My Name Is Khan and while its message of understanding and tolerance is one that deserves to be heard, it seems unlikely that it will have a lot of crossover appeal- particularly with the storm of controversy surrounding its reception in Mumba

  • My Name Is Khan Breaks UK Records

    My Name is Khan has become Bollywood’s most successful box office opener in the UK, grossing more than £936,000 since opening last Friday. It’s landed at number six in the box office, just below other new releases Valentine’s Day, Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief and The Wolfman. And it’s not just here that the film is having a big impact, it also took $2.3 million in the US over the four-day holiday weekend.