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  • Deadly Blessing

    Is there any name better known than that of Wes Craven? It’s pretty hard to forget the man responsible for unleashing the fiendish Freddy Krueger and effectively making sleep an impossibility. The man takes his place as a legend of the slasher flick genre, every era spawning another attempt to scare the bejeesus out of people. A directing career that started in the XXX industry (not surprisingly really seeing as sex and violence usually go hand in hand) led to such horror classics as the The Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes and most recently the Scream franchise. With his popularity never waning, Shout! Factory has taken it upon themselves to scrounge up one of his earlier works and release it for the first time as a Collector’s Edition on both Blu-ray and DVD.

  • Top 10 Awesome Casting Choices for an All-Female Expendables

    Just when we thought the Expendables series couldn’t get any better, word has reached us that producer Adi Shankar has plans to make an all-female version of action ensemble. Director of the sequel, Simon West has stated that he is fully on board with the idea (WHO WOULDN’T BE?) and would like to see a line-up involving the likes of Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Milla Jovovich, Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis. We can see the appeal of those casting choices but here at BFF (which otherwise stands for Best For Females) we’ve dreamed up a list with a little more bite. So here it is chaps and chapettes: the top ten ovarylicious casting choices for an all-female Expendables. WARNING: Due to her recent involvement in the unforgivable Red Lights, Sigourney Weaver has been banned from this list.

  • The Burma Conspiracy

    Tomer Sisley returns as reluctant global business tycoon Largo Winch. Split over two timelines, set three years apart, The Burma Conspiracy breaks from the norm as it is nether a prequel or a sequel, but one of those inter-quels you’ve heard so little about.