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  • Top 10 series-redeeming threequels

    After a wobbly start and a second episode so distressing we didn’t even write a blog about it, Sherlock finally gave the fans (apart from those it’s-all-about-the-brolance twerps on Tumblr) what they wanted with last night’s barnstorming episode. We trot across the big/small screen divide to look at some other third instalments that have restored faith in their respective franchises.

  • Sherlock Lives!

    It might not be a film, but so far the return of Sherlock is still the cinematic event of the year. In one of our most gloriously jumbled opinion blogs ever, a heady mix of Best For Film writers, opportunistic tweeters and people whose opinions we’ve nicked get round the table to discuss The Empty Hearse. Spoilers, obviously, abound.