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  • The Bling Ring

    Sofia Coppola makes perfume ads. Exclusively. Which would be fine if she made perfume ads exclusively, but she doesn’t. Some of her perfume ads are perfume ads and some of them are perfume ads stretched out to ninety minutes and released theatrically as feature films. Sometimes her perfume ads are anchored by competent scripts, top-level…

  • The Problem With The Biopic Genre

    This month sees the release of Thatcher-fest The Iron Lady, much to the chagrin of David Cameron, and rather than being what we all want it to be – a cross between Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man and Ted Hughes’ not-quite-as-good-as-Iron-Giant-but-still-pretty-good The Iron Woman – it is, in fact, another boring, by the numbers, Oscar hounding biopic, no different to any that have come before. Sigh, does the biopic genre show that the film industry is running out of ideas?

  • Somewhere

    If you were one of those people that thought Lost In Translation was just too chock-full of jokes, Somewhere is for you. Fans of Sofia Coppola will probably be won over by this gentle tale of a film star and his slow burning existential crisis, but for the rest of us, its just more of the same self-satisfied, time-munching film-glaze. A few nice moments create the skeleton of a good film, but sadly it’s just never fleshed out enough for us to get a grip on it.