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  • Andrei Tarkovsky: Russia’s cinematic revolutionary

    Andrei Tarkovsky is internationally recognised as one of history’s most stylistic and influential filmmakers. Nearly 25 years after his death, Artificial Eye pays tribute to the director with their release of The Andrei Tarkovsky Collection. This box-set might make your other DVDs seem inferiorly uncultured (depending on your level of pretentiousness of course) but if you appreciate the poetry of Tarkovsky’s Russian cinema this is indeed a culturally significant film collection worth investing in.

  • Top 10 Sci-Fi Loners

    With Jake Gyllenhaal shoved in a holding cell all on his lonesome for a fair part of Source Code, sci-fi movies continue to love a loner. Let’s look at the those who believe that, unless they’re safely in another galaxy, other people can be just a little bit clingy.