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  • Monday Mash-Up – Super 8 Edition #5!

    It’s week five of our Super 8 Mash-Up challenge, and we’re worried that we’re making things a bit too easy for you. So brace yourselves, mother-fluffers – this week there are TWO monsters, each more mashed up than ever before. Didn’t expect that, did you? No, you didn’t. ZING!

  • Monday Mash-Up – Super 8 Edition #4!

    With just a few weeks to go until the release of Super 8, we really need to pick up the pace if we’re going to crack the monster mystery. So, like monster hunters including Gabriel Van Helsing and Allan Quatermain (and possibly some who aren’t from dire fantasy films), we’ve headed to Paris in search of THE CREATURE…

  • Monday Mash-Up – Super 8 Edition #3!

    The countdown to Super 8 is still ticking, and once again we’ve created a composite monster from some of the oddest cinematic creatures we can find. Think you’re up to guessing what they are? We don’t, to be honest, but if you can prove us wrong we’ll give you a cuddle or something. Mush!

  • Cheat Sheet: Brad Bird

    He’s been the driving force behind some of the most elegant and successful animated films of all time, he’s won two Oscars in four years, and now he’s taking over the Mission: Impossible franchise from J.J. Abrams. Who is this miracle man (don’t be misled by his surname, sexist 1970s chaps, he is indeed a man)? Read on!

  • Monday Mash-Up – Super 8 Edition #2!

    Super 8 draws ever nearer, and to celebrate the murky mysteries that lurk within it we’re composing some monsters of our own. Can you guess the three cinematic components to this week’s Mash-Up? Can you also figure out what’s going on with the perspective (hint: don’t try.) We’re giving away a MYSTERY (all about the mystery) cult horror box set to one lucky know-it-all, so GET TO WORK. Mysteriously, if you can.

  • What is Super 8 about?

    Ah J J Abrams how we love you, with your geek-chic glasses, brilliant mind and ability to confuse the hell out of us with your clever sci-fi films. Here is the Best for Film guide to the soon to be released Super 8. Prepare to be more confounded than ever before. What is Super 8 about?

  • Monday Mash-Up – Super 8 Edition #1!

    To celebrate the fact that Super 8 is only two months from busting out of its train carriage and pulling some freaky sheeyut, we’re amending the much-loved Monday Mash-Up to speculate on what JJ Abrams’ new monster might look like. See if you can guess this week’s two cinematic inspirations, and suggest your own for our next effort!