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  • Psalm 21

    Psalm 21 seems to be a film that was born after someone discovered a new button on Adobe After Effects: the scary grey face button. After finding this fun new special effect, the filmmakers then crowbarred the plot around it; oh, it’s a film about the evils of religion? No problem, we can give people scary grey faces and it will be a metaphor or something.

  • Involuntary

    First time Swedish director/writer Ruben Ostlund is probably feeling very smug. Highly acclaimed and multi award-winning, Involuntary uses crafty shots and uncomfortable everyday situations (welcome to my life) to present five stories, each with their own potential disasters. With possible real life situations told through creative framing, it’s like watching a film through the eyes of a stalker. Creepy. Unless you are a stalker. Then enjoy.

  • No horror for Moretz

    All parents have a list of films they don’t want their children to see. Mother and Father would rather not put up with the aftermath; nightmares and potential bed-wetting. But get over it Ma and Pa, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Note to Chloe Moretz’s mum, if your precious child is hard enough to play a killer vampire, a bit of horror ain’t gonna hurt. So unchain the telly, if you please.

  • Girl With The Dragon Tattoo the English version?

    You know us English types. If there’s one thing we hate, it’s reading subtitles. Reading? Are you mad? Why should we? Let the rest of the world not understand, goddammit, we’re just going to shut our eyes and hold up a big ol’ stop sign to international culture. Thank goodness then, that an English speaking version of Swedish mega-hit The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is being made. And it’s even got an initial release date – of December 2011.