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  • TGIM! International Film Season at the Tricycle Theatre

    It’s Monday, it’s wet and virtually nobody apart from Michel Hazanavicius and Jean Dujardin have anything to be cheery about. Right? WRONG. This week you should be heading straight to London NW6, where sunshine and rainbows surround the Tricycle Theatre and its superb International Film Season. Thank God It’s Monday!

  • The Top 10 Films To See In January 2012

    As 2011 draws to an end, we’re going to look forward to the top 10 films of January 2012. From gritty dramas to spectacular sci-fi flicks, there truly is something for everyone in this collection. Plus, what with the London Olympics and the end of the world due shortly, we figured it was best to try and be optimistic about our futures…

  • Tatsumi

    How much do you know about manga? Specifically, gekiga? Specifically, the gekiga of Yoshihiro Tatsumi? Loads? Fantastic, you’ll absolutely love Tatsumi. This beautiful, profound and very odd animation veers between enthralling and unnerving, but the casual viewer may leave the cinema a wee bit baffled.