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  • Cars 2 gets first teaser trailer

    Now it seems there is split opinion when it comes to Pixar’s Cars – many people see it as the weakest of Pixar’s films to date (which, to be honest, is still a pretty high achievement). We’ve known for a while that the studio have been working on a sequel, and they’ve just released their first teaser trailer. It doesn’t exactly give much away.

  • Social Network trailer online

    The upcoming film based on the life and times of Mark Zuckerberg – creator of Facebook – has released it’s first teaser trailer. And it certainly is a little tease, as there are effectively no visuals whatsoever, just a series of small soundbites from the movie. Little minxes.

  • New Toy Story 3 Characters And Teaser Revealed

    Oh those crafty Disney devils. Just like those wily coots over at team Alice In Wonderland, they think the best way to hype up a film is by releasing little bits of info, week by week. They reckon that the public are so bamboozled by the whole ‘we’re letting you into a secret’ smokescreen, that we’ll literally murder a puppy to see the film itself. Sick, is what it is. Sick. And completely true. Hurrah for teasers!