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  • Top 10 Most Boringly Obvious Film Titles

    Titles are important. Think about it; if you were going to eat a chocolate bar, wouldn’t you rather something delicious-sounding like a Caramel rather than a Turd? Of course you would. It’s the same with films, which is why we hate those that give away EVERYTHING in the title. Here are the 10 worst offenders, which we’ve messed with, BFF style…

  • Top 20 Comedies to See in 2012

    Wondering what to fill your days with in 2012? We recommend some light viewing, considering the world will probably be over then. Here are our best and worst for next year. Prepare to be angry, then a little happy, then quite confused, and then happy again.

  • Three Men And… another sequel?

    We have to say, this is one piece of news we didn’t see coming. Tom Selleck – our favourite moustache with a man attached – has today confirmed that he’s tentatively signed on to a sequel to the 1990 classic Three Men And A Little Lady (itself a sequel to Three Men And A Baby), entitled Three Men And A Bride. Really? Really though?