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  • The Beaver

    The Beaver, directed by Jodie Foster and starring Mel “WHOOPS” Gibson, is a strange little film, as two-faced as its depressed protagonist. Lurching oddly between po-faced dark comedy and lets-hug-it-out family fare, it ends up being a rather patchwork tale that’s never quite as touching or as funny as it should be. But, on the bright side, who knew Gibson could do such a great Ray Winstone impression?

  • Anthropomorphise this! The personification of objects in cinema

    Every so often Hollywood runs out of actors and must pass the buck to a slightly less animate object. We celebrate such occasions with a collection of the greatest instances of anthropomorphism in cinema. Categorised into Puppets, Objects, Robots, Concepts and Miscellaneous, this list aims to question the importance of opposable thumbs and evolution in the production of unforgettable characters. Crack out Chip and Mrs. Potts, fill your nearest Brave Little Toaster and set Etch to entertain.