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  • Top 10 LGBT characters in film

    Twitter has lit up this morning with the news that Tom Daley, that lovely diver boy who now seems to do more TV than swimming, has outed himself as bisexual in a pleasant and unassuming little YouTube video. So, obviously, we’re getting a blog out of it. YOU KNOW HOW WE DO.

  • Why the Hollywood drag queen reigns supreme

    To celebrate the imminent release of The British Guide To Showing Off – a marvellously mad documentary centring on the annual Alternative Miss World pageant – we reckon it’s important to remember what it is about cinematic cross-dressing that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. From Patrick Swayze to Robin Williams, from Toni Collette to Tony Curtis – we don our heels, our moustaches and our classiest bejelewed thongs and embrace the wonderful world of drag…

  • Our Top 10 Cross-Dressing Movies: A Gaga Tribute

    Ah, Lady Gaga. God, I love her. It doesn’t matter where I go or whom I write for, she somehow manages to do something mad and become the ultimate hot topic for EVERYBODY. After showcasing her male alter ego, Joe Calderone, at the VMAs, it got us thinking about the topic of gender and we came to the conclusion that people’s response should be something along the lines of “gender, shmender!”. Possibly in a more eloquent fashion. To celebrate this, we’ve decided to look at our 10 favourite cross-dressing movies (basically proving that I’ll take any excuse to ogle Tim Curry in fishnets…)