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  • The Devil’s Double

    It must be pretty stressful to know that the success of a film hangs entirely on two performances – especially when you’re doing both of them. The Devil’s Double showcases Dominic Cooper’s (apparently) considerable talents with raucous aplomb, relishing the true(ish) story of Uday Hussein – the infamously psychotic son of Saddam – from the perspective of the man forced to take on his identity.

  • Films to see in August 2011

    So after a wet and blustery June and a less than tropical July, it looks like August is going to be no better. So, rather than delay the inevitable, best face facts now: that barbeque is staying in the shed, you’re not going to get a chance to wear that bikini and picnic food tastes rubbish when it’s covered in rain. However, last time we checked cinemas are all rain free! Huzzah! Here’s your pick of what’s to come next month!