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  • This week’s releases: the trailers

    Your brain is gearing up for another week of think-filth, so who can blame you for spending your final hours of freedom gawping cheerily into nothingness? There are BRAND NEW films out this week, and all of them have splendid, noisy trailers. Stop trying to read anything, leave the washing-up where it is and promise yourself you’ll definitely change your sheets in an hour or so – WATCHING TRAILERS IS NOW!

  • Friday Drinking Game #48 – Post-Apocalyptic Films

    Today heralds the release of post-nuclear war horror flick The Divide. In order to celebrate its arrival onto our screens, BFF brings you a drinking game that will help you forget about the fact that your hair is falling out in clumps (because of the radiation) and that there’s a ton of zombies hammering at your door hungry to eat your brains or whatever.

  • The Divide

    So, in the wake of the apocalypse, we can only hope that we’re lucky enough to die before everything turns from catastrophic to worse. Xavier Gens’ claustrophobic gore-thriller The Divide could do with shedding some dodgy dialogue in favour of some character plumping, but there’s no denying the impact of its glowering set pieces.